About Us

We are a company with an aim to provide Asian groceries to your home. I have personally
experienced the time and effort that we put in to purchase the Asian groceries. It takes more or less
a complete day as we usually have to travel a bit to get to a store that will stock all the items that we
need. It is even more painful if we do not own a car. Also, the cost of the items in the stores are
higher. This company is established to take away this difficulty we all are facing. Specially if we live
>30 mins away from London.
We aim to choose quality items only, rather than stocking every single brand. The idea initially is to
deliver the items only on weekends until we have a bigger customer base. This will save us on the
delivery costs which in turn will enable us to be competitive on the price of the items. We would like
suggestions and feedback from our customers on the product range. We aim to increase our product
range so that you can purchase the groceries required for a month in one go.
The initial idea is to start in a few towns in Hertfordshire and then increase the range to all of
Hertfordshire and beyond. Please bear with us in the first 3 months until we reach top gear.
Why Shop with us?
 Cheaper Price
 Home Delivery
 Quality Products
 Product range (this will keep on increasing based on feedback)

Delivery Options
Deliveries will be evening & weekends only to start with and we will then extend to Evenings and
weekends at a later date.
Items will be delivered to the address on your account. Please make sure you confirm the address,
email and phone number at the time of order.
Items will be delivered in suitable packaging.